Spy Girl Nola is one more girl trying to make it in this world who loves costumes, sparkly things, travel and saying yes to whatever comes her way.


A Brief History

I moved to New Orleans from Dallas in August 2006. That Spring, I experienced my first mostly non-family Mardi Gras (I'd been lots of times with my parents, brothers and extended family). My favorite part of Carnival season was that we got a week off of school to party, I got to spend all of this time with my friends dressed up in fun costumes, and I got to dance alongside the marching bands. My favorite part about the bands? The dancers' outfits, in particular their amazing white boots with giant tassels flopping around every time they kicked into the air or dug their toes into the ground to get down. I decided I had to have them.

Fast forward several years and after much digging around online, I found them. I ordered them and bought some yarn in Mardi Gras colors (purple, green and gold) and created some tassels. When I stepped out onto the neutral ground that year, I felt like a Carnival Queen. Over the last four years, those boots have been my go to for anything the season can throw my way. So I thought to myself, why can't everyone share a bit in this wonderful feeling?

And this is how Spy Girl NOLA was born.